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February 20, 2007


Craig Persel

Good subject and one that really depends - I think - on the psychology of the photographer. I consider myself an avid amateur with the goal of becoming as creatively accomplished in the field as I can. I'm also a huge fan of other photographers - from pbasers to the icons of classic and contemporary photography. Being a fan I love seeing images in print or even in online magazines. So ... I want to see my images - if possible - in these same formats, both as a goal of accomplishment and to have it viewed by as many people as possible. Personally, I feel no pressure to create images in a certain way, with a certain look, etc. to get into these publications. I create what I like and how I like it ... and then ... look to see what magazines/publications might fit my style (versus the other way around). You mention Lenswork which is a magazine I subscribe to and love, but one to which I will probably never submit because my style (at least currently) doesn't fit their publication at all (not taking into account my lesser technical skills). B&W magazine, on the other hand, does publish images that are of a similar genre as mine. JPEG does as well. So I seek out those publications that might be interested in my current output, submit and see what happens. For me ... I enjoy a certain aspect of self-promotion and accept it as part of the field if you want to see your images in print. Lenswork published an article on this subject not long ago which was very interesting in explaining how photographers now have to be designers, writers, salesman, etc. and not just photographers. I guess the bottom line for me is that it can be both an enjoyable hobby and something that requires a certain amount of effort to get published that doesn't interfere with my creativity or decrease it's enjoyment.

Great blog Chuck.




I agree with you and commend you for taking the step to leaving pbase and general photo sharing.

I am one of those people who went to school for art and have been trying to make a business out of it. A hard thing to learn is that popularity in photo sharing doesn't mean sales. There are times a person can get the proverbial cold shoulder when that step is made as well from the hobbyists.

Good luck with your venture.


Great comments. It's interesting to see that you and I, Craig, are in completely different camps on the issue and are both equally content.

And Duncan's comment makes me feel fortunate to only have this as a hobby.

Brad Wiederholt

Chuck, thank you for the link to this entry. I'm just now entering that early "Why am I doing this?" phase. I'm glad to see that this question can be broken down into more manageable chunks of inquiry. The big question was beginning to weigh on me a little lately.


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I chanced upon the same thread when it was just starting up a few days ago. Started seeing the usual bi-polar comments of people either loving or tearing down the guy's work and sighed at the usual pack mentality of the latter.

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