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March 06, 2007


Craig Persel

Just what I've been looking for Chuck! Being self-taught PS user I could use a structured course and/or teaching materials - because like you - I would like to be the best PS user I can. I'll definitely check them out.

Craig Persel

Damn...just check out video 1:1. Fantastic stuff! I'm going to try and set a goal of 1 video per day. Thanks Chuck!!! :-)

Craig Persel

...should be "checked" out video 1:1 and not "check" video 1:1. :-))


Alas, I have dial-up and I've only got so many years left of my life..lol. I will watch them over at my daughter's internet - they offer cable in town but not in the outlying areas.
Can't wait, though.. thanks, Chuck.. :D

Craig Persel

Finished two of 'em. Great stuff. Already learned some nice tricks.

Christina Conroy

Awesome! You are a virtual font of knowledge and information. Just watched the most recent walk-through and learned something new already! Thanks so much!!!

Eckhart Derschmidt

Just had a quick look at one of the tutorials during lunch break. Certainly looks very interesting. Thanks for the introduction!


I'm glad other people have found this as usefull as me. Sorry Jude about the dial-up. Funny comment though.


invaluable! really cool...thanks a lot chuck!

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Wow, these are great. I've only been using youtube, to be honest, and it hasn't been that great. These are so much better! Thanks a bunch. :))

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Thanks Lawrence. So here's something you might not believe...these images are unprocessed, straight out of the camera. I did one little trick to get this look

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