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March 19, 2007



good to know. i'll try it. i usually hold my breath and lean against something. of course, my P&S Canon Pro1 takes about 5 shots in ten seconds in continuous mode... :OP

Craig Persel

Wow. Fantastic tip! I am without question one of those lazy photographers who both doesn't use a tripod AND uses a VR Nikon lens. If I can gain even more f-stops with this technique I'll be a very happy person. Thanks again!

Ed K.

I'm one of those who uses a tripod 99.99% of the time. I don't use it to counter camera shake. I use it to allow precise framing and composition of a shot. Different strokes for different folks since this won't apply to lots of shooting - sports & action come to mind. However, if what you're shooting isn't going anywhere soon and you have multiple shot opportunities then a tripod is the best IS going - and your composition will improve greatly as well. It helps you become a better photographer by forcing you to *slow down* and see.

Jeff Seltzer

In Los Angeles (like many other big cities), taking out a tripod gets a similiar reaction as if you are taking out a bomb or something - so alternative techniques are welcomed. Shooting with fast prime lenses are a good start, and I'll try this technique as well.

Craig Persel

Tripods are not a practical device ... like Jeff says ... in an urban environment like Montreal or LA. Rural locations might be fine. My personal style and subject interests require very fast shooting reactions, so VR/IS lenses are a must-have item ... and/or Chuck's technique described above.


I use the same technique myself but I got such sh...sh shaky hands I sometimes hold my breath as well. And sometimes I say a little mumbled prayer something on the lines of 'kin pleeeeease one shot!
Very well written blog Chuck.
Although I havent responded to some of the others I am very much following/appreciating these thoughts.

Craig Persel

... or take up competitive rifle and pistol shooting such as I which helps steady those hands and helps with quick aiming and shooting. :-)


I just tried this and took a bunch of shots at 1/13 of a second indoors and on the first shot, they were always blurry, but if I took 5-8 in a shot, one of them was always very sharp.

The same shot, if I took them handheld and one shot at a time, I needed to get up to 1/60 to get consistent results...



Thanks for the idea. I'll try it with turkeys. Can't use a tripod when shooting moving wildlife.

Jeff Seltzer

Here's my question about IS - I understand that IS will allow you to use slower shutter speeds without camera shake, but if your subject is moving, does this even matter? For example, my little girl


Please advice as I'm considering the new Canon 17-55 IS! Thanks!!



IS doesn't really help with moving subjects the way I understand it. However, there is a new generation of IS that allows you to set it's function to help when panning. I'm totally ignorant on this type of IS so I can't give you any hand-on experience. The only things that helps with fast moving children are fast shutter speeds or flash.

Great shot, by the way. Which lens did you use to capture it?

Craig Persel

My VR Nikkor lens has 2 settings. One for "jiggle" and the other for "panning". I haven't tried the panning setting yet, but if/when I do I'll give a report.

Ned F.

I guess you have to call this IS (or VR) bracketing....

Jeff Seltzer

Thanks, Chuck. I'm close to purchasing the new Canon 17-55 2.8 IS, so this information is useful.

FYI, for that shot of Greta, I used my clear favorite lens: the 50mm 1.4. It's pratically glued to my camera, and has unfortunately spoiled me when thinkikng about any other lens.

Azlin Ahmad

Was caught without a tripod last weekend - tripods were forbidden in some of the areas I visited in Istanbul - and tried the multiple shot technnique. It really helps. Thanks for the tip!

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