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March 15, 2007


Craig Persel

Very good essay on a very important point. It is really an axiom for me to leave space and create mystery in my images. If everything in the photo is "spelled out" there is no room left for participation by the viewer. The potential dynamic interaction between the artist and viewer is paramount in the evaluation of the effectiveness and quality of a work of art/photograph. Thanks for sharing your ideas and examples Chuck.


What I see in the work shown for your blog is what I've been trying to dabble in or at least THINK about when doing photos - backing up; looking for more in the photo than the person. I have a tendency to fill the frame with whomever I shoot.. I've been looking at photos where the person is STILL the focus but whatever else is in the image adds to the story of them..

It's such a different way of looking at things than I've done but I love it.. haven't done TOO much yet, but am becoming more aware..

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Thanks Lawrence. So here's something you might not believe...these images are unprocessed, straight out of the camera. I did one little trick to get this look

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