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May 29, 2007


Jeff Seltzer

Great stuff! I had a similiar experience shooting head shots for a friend (I'm in L.A., you know). I think shooting people in this way allows you to really see how far you've come as a photographer - it's sort of fun. Great shots, by the way! I really like how you played with DOF. Though, I would like to see some shots were the arms are out of focus instead of the face.

FYI, see my "portrait" section on my personal website: www.jeffseltzerphotography.com

Also, recent portraits in updated "Carnival" series:



Wow Jeff. I love your website. I didn't have it bookmarked. You have some great portrait work on there. I'm thinking of taking some portrait classes at BP. The guy who does The Candid Frame blog/podcast has a couple that look good. Do you know of any other resources I should be looking for?


Jeff Seltzer

Hi, Chuck.

I'm also considering a BP class - "Eye to Eye
Capturing the Face"

In addition, check out the book "Digital Portrait Photography and Lighting" and also "Photoshop Restoration & Retouching" - both are excellent resources.

david procter

Interesting stuff Chuck, I wasnt aware of you feelings towards portraiture but I had noticed there arent many in your collection. I seem to only shoot portraits and was thinking recently that I should try to shoot something different. I'm reading a book at the moment relating to breaking photographic habits and reinventing yourself to keep things fresh. When would you start the BP course? I have some time off work coming up soon and it would be a joy to do it together. What do you think?
Ps I'm meeting Lawrence (Ripsher) in bangkok next week) which'll be fun.


For someone who "doesn't do people shots" you did some excellent ones... not only in capturing a feel about him.. but the composition (love the hand one) and the modern edge of tonal quality.. The suble color is just right.
"BP" stands for what? (sorry)... I love doing portraiture but there are so few people around here who are willing to do what I want. I don't especially like the happy crappy pics ;)


It strikes me as odd that one of the more creative photographic storytellers I know is reading a book about "reinventing... and keeping things fresh". Maybe that's why your galleries always are unique.

I need to start a discussion with you about lighting. I especially like the lighting choices you made with the "late night entertainment" project. It looks like you are using a soft box of some sort?

I can't image Bangkok will be the same after having both you and Lawrence together in one place. Don't let the cameras incriminate you.


Thanks Jude. BP=Betterphoto.com. I'm looking at a couple of portrait classes over there by Ibarionex Perello (The Candid Frame blog/podcast) that look interesting.

I have always found taking classes forces me to explore areas I otherwise wouldn't take the time to do.

Lawrence Ripsher

A revelation! Probably my favourite post of yours from what is now a fantastic collection of articles. Loved reading this. Am soo pleased you're opened this new can of worms - the possibilities will be endless with your abilities. On the two shots you posted btw - really, really like them. First is the kind I would have loved to have taken. The second is excellent - there are a lot of model-against-graffiti shots knocking around on pbase at the moment and I hate 99% of them. This definitely falls into the 1% category - v v cool.

I am a bit AWOL at the moment but will email you tomorrow with a long update.

Craig Persel

Wow. Excellent work. Also, one of your best articles. I too have not been a big portrait photographer and need to break into that genre one of these days. You sure started off with a bang! Not surprising though. I think that any super creative and skillful photographer such as yourself can cover just about any type of photography with style and originality.

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I really like how you played with DOF. Though, I would like to see some shots were http://www.outletburberryoutlet.com the arms are out of focus instead of the face.

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It'll be nice to see how his work fits into your balance and rhythm segment. Also, thanks for the great link.

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