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May 09, 2007



Thanks for sharing, you are one of the few blogs in my list that really stands out giving useful tips.

Very interesting this tone balance, specially that "3d" effect.

Ade Reilly

fascinating read. cheers

Christina Conroy

Wow. What a great entry, and what a lot of food for thought. I think I really need to slow down my post production work. I always feel that it's shoot shoot shoot and then just "get them processed" and move on. But now I really am motivated to slow it down. I love to paint and what's better than painting with light! Thanks!

Azlin Ahmad

Great stuff, Chuck! Thanks for taking the trouble to compile the info etc. I've always been a traditionalist when it comes to post processing, but this is a real eye opener.


Chuck -- Good to find your new site and blog. You are doing all a great service by postig this entry and highlighting the work of Slade...very nice!

I think we would all be surprised as to the amount of attention given to the issue of tonal balance by our favorite pro...or fine shooting bank executive. I know that I was after attending a PhotoShop course for fine art photographers. As the instructor went through his steps of post-processing it was all clearly done to provide the tonal balance that you have highlighted here.

There is always much to learn but I am thankful for the effort you and Slade have put forth. And, Slade, that is a beautiful image!

All the best -- Bishop

Craig Persel

Thanks from me too Chuck. I just returned from a one week jaunt to California and picked up Freeman's book "Mastering B&W Digital Photography" as a result of reading this latest entry. Got me inspired to take my B&W processing to another level. Thanks again. Craig

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