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February 24, 2008



Very True :)

[ btw.. I am a follower of lostinfocus :) ]


i dont think these particular photos are of my liking but i agree with you. sometimes you like a piece of art despite it's flaws.
when you love it it is exactly because of them.

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I like the most, the first one. because the way that the silhouette of the woman bend with her surronding.

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The first picture is more appealing to my eyes. There may be "technical flaws" on it but I do care less. It is a matter of how you see and understand the message of the picture.

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share a common desire of receiving honest feedback and critiques of our images.

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Thanks for sharing those pictures. You did a great job with those pictures.

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Ah well your comment! I did you good!


I work at a big bookstore that is pushing their ereader, and I still can't bring myself to get one either. You're not alone

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