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March 07, 2008



I never thought I'd say this, Chuck, but damn we think alike. (Scary for YOU, huh?) :P

I process along the same lines and have - for the past year - wondered if something was wrong with me that I am not satisfied with what would be a very good photo to the majority of viewers/fellow photographers. To me, your middle photo is a perfect example of this. I have worried that maybe I've delved into playing with effects, actions, and brushes too much and the outcome is that I'm not really a "photographer"... or maybe that's what some photographers infer when they dislike my work - that it's not really photography.

Well, it IS photography. I take decent photos and a great deal of them are excellent ones by most standards, but I seek more along the work of art, as you have shown in the final image.

Thanks for showing the stages of your process. I'm glad for it because I often think photographers of your ilk are far removed from me in thought process, etc. Nice to know you ponder the same sorts of things and are not afraid to experiment to achieve what pleases you.

Craig Persel

Really fantastic work on this image. The result is masterful. Like Jude (and you) I really dig on the post-processing aspect of photography and this image is a gold standard.

Brad Wiederholt

Great Chuck! Texturing is something I've never tried and don't know much about, but after seeing this result, looks like it has a lot of potential. Not just scratch textures, but other things depending on the mood you're trying to create, wood, walls, paper, paint, etc. Don't really know what I'm really talking about, maybe this is well-known technique and old hat for most folks. Thanks for the demo!


I'm sure I delete far too many of my RAW files based on an apparent lack of potential... I'm ruthlesss in this way.
This is an awe inspiring example of what one can achieve in post production. You havent just changed the tones and added the surface scrapes; the LIGHT has actually changed!
I need to remember this as an example of how clicking the shutter button can only be the start.
My postprocessing skills are very limited and so the choice of subject matter is everything to me. I just can't seem to do this like yourself, Jude or Craig.
Well done anyway...this one should make one of your proudest and should also rekindle your drive.

Steve S

I think you've just rationalised my own un-coordinated thoughts on this subject! I now feel that I could reprocess every one of my 'straight' shots and in some way improve upon them. My only concern is that I don't want to turn my back on straight photography, but if you're trying to create a mood and atmosphere, even if it doesn't reflect reality, then this kind of process is exactly the way to go.

Donna Rogers

This is just want I'm looking for showing 'evolution process', but being a novice could you also share HOW you achieved the old photo effect?

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Finally, I found it irresistible to add some other elements of aging. What I ended up with is something I feel is a complete blending of art and photography. This is really where I want to be with my work.

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Back in my film days, 90% of my photographs were shot in b&w. Over time, I came to think in b&w. Only now do I realize what a powerful mindset that was. When you remove the color information, your mind changes. Think about how your previsualization works when you know that the color you are seeing will not be part of the final image. You immediately begin to focus on things like texture, contrast, tonal range, shape, and form. All of the subtle things can turn a good image into a great image. Heck, I used to actually use the "zone system" to place the shadows or highlights right where I wanted them. Just thinking about the zone system before pressing the shutter is an exercise in good photography. It causes you to consider the elements in the photographs as elements and how they should work as part of the whole.

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I decided I wanted to make this image a simple, colorful landscape. But when I was finished, I had the image in the middle and was pretty unsatisfied with the result. I mean, who needs another colorful landscape shot. How predictable and uninteresting. It doesn't have a mood, it doesn't feel like art. It feels like a nice vacation snapshot.

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