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March 05, 2008



I love the compilation of everyone's comments.. We are a freaking wise group of people, aren't we? (lol).. I'm proud to be in this group - especially since I respect the opinions so much. And especially since I'm not as accomplished as others. I keep thinking I'll get kicked out and replaced by someone better - a decision Lawrence with come to with after all the hints from the other photographers..lol

Okay.. and last but not least, I'm glad you liked what I said that at the end of my LONG comment. I'm never sure if anyone will think I'm an asshole or not.

nor do I want to know ;)

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The comments I received were exactly what I would expect from people who are passionate about photography

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much of that self-imposed pressure may create angst, it is driven less by our need to create significant work as measured by our own standards

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You should be driven by the need to produce original work because you have a unique vision...Great photographs don’t come by that often you’ve just got to be ready when they do.

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Back in my film days, 90% of my photographs were shot in b&w. Over time, I came to think in b&w. Only now do I realize what a powerful mindset that was. When you remove the color information, your mind changes. Think about how your previsualization works when you know that the color you are seeing will not be part of the final image. You immediately begin to focus on things like texture, contrast, tonal range, shape, and form. All of the subtle things can turn a good image into a great image. Heck, I used to actually use the "zone system" to place the shadows or highlights right where I wanted them. Just thinking about the zone system before pressing the shutter is an exercise in good photography. It causes you to consider the elements in the photographs as elements and how they should work as part of the whole.

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